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Updated the server to kernel 2.4.18. Had to also upgrade iptables to handle the new kernel, otherwise things wouldn't work quite right.


Got secondary mail servers working with Ben at badllama.com today. Now if the DSL ever goes down or if we lose power, mail will be queued on his machine for delivery when the server comes back up (and vice versa). Thanks Ben!

Too many trees one way for wireless, and I can't put an antenna high enough to get a good signal in another direction. Sometimes you just can't win. Guess I will keep throwing money at Verizon...


My jaw dropped to the floor this morning when I noticed my DSL was active again. I guess Verizon can get an order through in a couple of days. Anyway, everything is back to normal. I can now continue to feed my habit of mindlessly surfing the web for hours at a time. Oh, and the server is back here, too.

I am going to be testing out wireless tomorrow, hopefully. If I can get a good signal with the antenna where I can put it, then I will be thinking really hard about switching off DSL to wireless!


I hate Verizon.

On Monday morning, my DSL was dead. I called Verizon and the best answer they could give me was that my ISP ordered my line shut off. Since I work at my ISP and know pretty much everything that goes on with DSL there, I knew I was being fed a line. The thing that really floored me was when the guy attempted to tell me this again ten minutes after I told him that I worked at the ISP and that the order was not given from there. I was told it would be on Tuesday, then after a call on Tuesday when it wasn't turned back on, I was told it would be on in 24 to 48 hours. At that point I decided the server needed to be moved. Special thanks go out to Andrew for letting me attach my server to his network.

So the server is up, but I don't have my DSL at home. Guess I will be humbled by dialup for a while. (Brad shakes his head in disgust)


Decided to start a news section today. It might be interesting for people to read about what is going on with the server. If anyone has a bookmark to webmail, they will notice that it doesn't work anymore. For technical reasons, I needed to change the address from https://mail.distanthaze.com to https://mail.distanthaze.com:4430. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Updates to this page will probably not happen too often, but check back every once in a while, you might be surprised!